Scenic Hike Routes in Norway

On top of the mountains

In case you do not know, nature is the greatest attraction among all Nordic countries. And we’re talking about scenic works of nature, from lush wilderness to idyllic fjords. In Norway, you are given the chance to explore such beauty in a very exciting manner— hiking.

Hiking is a very popular outdoor activity in the country, where visitors from different parts of the globe are automatically attracted to its picturesque backdrops and exciting trail routes.

There are a lot of hiking trails in Norway, but these in particular are the country’s premier hike routes that embody the ever beautiful and jaw-dropping landscapes of the place. Without further delay, we give you the most scenic hike routes of Norway, all worthy of your vacation leaves!

The Pulpit Rock

Easy hike routes and picturesque views, this makes the hike to Pulpit Rock one of the most popular hikes in Norway. People of all ages could try the hike as its trail mostly consist of flat landscapes.

The hike begins at Preikestolen Fjellstue and ends at the immense square cliff, ideally located 604 meters above the beautiful Lysefjorden. You will definitely be at awe with the long stretch of blue waters beneath the surface.

You can even try free hanging by grasping a little iron rod and let your whole body consume the adrenaline rush. If you want to spend more time in the place, then satisfy your adventure cravings by camping at Preikestolen.


On top of the world

The most spectacular hike route in the Lofoten Islands— the Reinebringen. Over a hundred of hikers ascent each day just to experience the wonders of this trail. Well, the hike is not your typical route as you need to venture some steep climbs to reach the highest points along the ridges.

That being said, you need to prepare yourself for a two to three hours land journey. The route begins with a sloppy path, then going to a birch wilderness. Once you completed the forest, you will start climbing mountains. You will be dealing with steep rocks for a while before reaching to top. A piece of advice to all hikers: always stick to the main path.

Besseggen Ridge


What a scenic landscape 300x182 - Scenic Hike Routes in Norway

Besseggen Ridge, a mountain ridge perfectly located in Jotunheimen National Park is another popular hike route in Norway.

The route is fairly good and exciting. Thus, you need to be physically prepared for this particular hike as you will be walking nonstop for six to seven hours, with uphill and downhill trails.

And remember that you will not just use your feet in this hike because you surely will be needing your hands out of your pocket! But of course, the difficulty of the path will reward you with the breathtaking beauty of Lake Gjende, surrounded with glaciated mountain peaks and ridges.


Trolltunga Rock

Trolltunga i Odda, Hordaland

This could be one of Norway’s most spectacular rock formations. Trolltunga or also called as the Trolls Tongue is a popular choice for hikers all over the world. However, the splendor comes with certain level of difficulty. To hike this place, you need to conquer about 20 km, which means an approximate of eight to twelve hours walking. Thus, you need to bring important hiking gears that will make your adventure worthwhile. The trail begins in Skjeggedal and finishes at the gorgeous Trolltunga Rock, situated 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. The long land journey will be somehow be more exciting with the all the breathtaking views along the way.


Not-so-adorable companions along the way

If you want a live encounter with some musk oxen in the wild, then you should go hiking in Doverefjell. Apart from this animals on the loose, this mountain ridge hike will surely amaze you with the country’s stunning variations, from the wide-stretched plains to the towering valleys.

Start the hike at Kongsvold Fjeldstue, and spend hours with the beauty of herds loaded with some oxen. But please, don’t play with them or else you’ll be wasting your energy running away from these pretty large beasts.

Norangsdal Valley

Lush surroundings

Not as touristy as the other trails in Norway, Norangsdalen is still among the country’s most spectacular and scenic hikes. The place is also known as the ‘Queen’s Route’ because of its cultural and economical importance during the previous era. During your hike, you will pass by Lake Lygnstøylvatnet, a popular spot for hikers for a cool meltdown.

The underwater ruins beneath the waters attract tourists to dive down. Even up to the present time, you can have a glimpse of the rich history of the place, from the old roads to the gateways.

The Norangsdalen Valley is also the starting point for some breathtaking mountain tops such as Brekketindane, Jakta, Kvitegga, Risenosa, Slogen, Smorskredtindane and Skruven.

Renowned Ski Resorts in Sweden

It’s time to bring your skiing skills to the wild!

Sweden is a great destination for travelers wanting some extreme adventures. Winter sports are very popular in the country, and skiing is one of the outdoor sports which appears to be a typical daily routine, especially during winter. Skiing in Sweden is far different from other Nordic countries because of its magnificent features, ranging from scenic alpine meadows to the ultimate winter breeze.

Many tourists wanting extreme skiing would never miss to visit the country. Thus, skiers on their sporty winter outfits are a normal sight to behold. To fully convince you why skiing in Sweden is truly a once in a lifetime experience, here are some of the renowned ski resorts in the country that offers artlessly chic ski adventure.


Get ready with your skiing OOTD


Skiing in the municipality of Are is a dreamy combination of extreme entertainment and homey ambiance. Are is a small locality in Sweden that is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and exciting mountain points, perfect for your skiing pursuits. Consequently, this has become one of Sweden’s most popular spots for skiers. Its extensive downhill area that features Nordic region’s wildest vertical drop is an ultimate attraction. If you’re lucky enough to visit the place during the darker months of winter, you will have the chance to try night skiing with some breathtaking backdrops like the northern lights. You might even run into one or two adorable reindeer along your way. And since Are is a cozy mountain village, you will certainly love the community feel all over the place. No wonder it’s a top-rated choice when it comes to hosting major ski competitions in the country.



A perfect place for family bonding

Sälen is ideally situated in the small municipality of Malung-Sälen, where skiing is a well-loved outdoor activity. The locality features six breathtaking ski areas, where four of which— Högfjället, Hundfjället, Lindvallen, and Tandådalen, are interconnected to one another. This makes Sälen the country’s largest ski destination and a popular choice for skiers. Most visitors are Swedish families and those intermediate skiers, wanting a relaxing yet memorable ski adventure. You will definitely be amazed with the fantastic downhill and green slopes, as well as the scenic views and countryside breeze. These amazing features have been in the place for more than decades, making Sälen the oldest and longest ski area in the world that offers exceptional country ski race.


Freezing skiing adventure

Located in the heart of Central Sweden, Branäs ski resort is a top-rated choice when it comes to accessibility. With its medium-sized area, the place is suited for beginners and intermediate skiers.

You will surely enjoy the action-packed ski lifts and slopes, as well as the elating vertical descents. There are also difficult terrains perfect for expert adventurers. The northerly latitude brings an exceptional breeze to your skiing experience, with the beaming sun peaking brightly or the northern lights shining luminously.


Ski competition on the loose

A smaller ski resort, Vemdalen is still one of the renowned ski destinations in Sweden because of its freezing temperature, perfect for a daring adventure. As early as October, you will experience the fascinating winter breeze surrounding the entire ski location.

The small locality of Vemdalen consists of beautiful ski areas— Björnrike, Klövsjö, and Vemdalsskalet. With 53 slopes, 30 ski lifts, and more than 50 km cross-country trails, there’s something for every ski fanatic. And for the youngsters, the snow fun parks and children ski routes will surely be perfect place to hone their skiing skills.



It’s time for some skiing adventures!

Tärnaby-Hemavan is equally famous for its fantastic off-piste areas and family-friendly slopes. Even Swedish skiing legends like Anja Parson and Ingemar would attest to the beauty and excitement of this rather fantastic skiing destination. This place has been a popular choice for those who are training to be one of the country’s skiing stars.

Aside from the typical skiing attraction, every visitor will be amazed with the extensive variety of outdoor activities like dog sledding, ice fishing, and snow mobile tour, making Tärnaby-Hemavan a big word in the world ski map. Many tourists from different parts of the globe would intentionally visit this place just to capture the one of a kind downhill magic.




Thinking of your next ski trip? Ramundberget is the ideal choice for the all-mountain terrain and terrain part category.

The ski resort is idyllically situated in the locality of Funäsdalen, where there is an amazing snow guarantee from November to May. Thus, it is tagged as one of Sweden’s snow-secured skiing areas, ideal for exhilarating winter sports.

Ramundberget is also considered as the third largest ski resort in the country that features 25 km slopes, 9 lifts and 42 runs. And to accommodate the growing number of visitors per year, the management invested some snow cannons that resulted in longer winter season.

Outdoor Activities You Should Try in Finland

There’s more to Finland than its magical winter wonderland. The country may be known for its fascinating winter landscapes, full of snow-hushed trees and alpine meadows, but it is also a well-loved choice for travelers wanting some extreme outdoor activities.

If you’ve decided to visit the country for your next travel escapade, then you’re totally on the right track. And to make your trip more memorable, we’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor activities in the country that is worth every minute of your stay.


Charming companions into the wild

Whether you are newbie or an expert hiker, you’ll find Finland as the perfect spot to satisfy your hiking cravings. The unspoiled forests and breathtaking lakes are some of the country’s preview to its spectacular beauty. There are plenty of hiking routes, ranging from the easy ones to the advance courses, but all of those routes feature a one of a kind hiking experience.

And because of Finland’s law of public access, anyone has the right to roam everywhere they want to go. Hikers are given the privilege to wander around the wilderness for hours or days, with no technology advancement or even human intervention, whatsoever. It’s just you and nature. This utterly impressive freedom will let you discover the splendor of the countryside in the most unconventional way. The national hiking areas in Finland are Arctic Circle, Evo, Iso-Syote, Inari, Hossa, Kylmaluoma, Oulujarvi and Ruunaa. These hiking areas provide skiing and nature trails, as well as camping sites and overnight shelters.


Extreme winter pursuits

Skiing in the Nordic countries? Then, Finland is one of the renowned choices for travelers all over the world. The country offers not just your regular snow park, but rather an epic skiing destination. And in case you do not know, there are over 70 ski resorts surrounding the country, most of which are situated in some small localities and villages. The main ski area is in Lapland, where the four biggest ski resort— Levi, Pyhä-Luosto, Ruka and Ylläs, are perfectly located. Tourists will never have a hard time finding this place because of its accessibility and lively attractions surrounding the area. And being the most popular ski resort in Finland, there are a lot of winter sports being held in the place annually.

Into the luminous wilderness

The allure of the Lapland ski resorts is technically an understatement. It’s magical and exhilarating, and continues to entice travelers through its charm even after decades of winter seasons. The weather conditions could be pretty harsh, but lighting is never an issue. Even during the dark winter nights, you can still bring your ski stunts into action. You will never be disappointed with the varying terrain parks and pistes all over the place as the picturesque background stays above the horizon up until the night.


Kayaking & Canoeing

Paddle your stress away

Did you know that Finland is often called as ‘the land of the thousand lakes? Yes, and the number of lakes in the country is just too good to be true— more than 180, 000 lakes! And the biggest lake, which is Lake Saimaa, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe. It stretches over 4,000 square kilometers, and encloses six major towns in the country. Being the largest and most popular lake in the country, kayaking and canoeing are just the best ways to experience the wanders of the place. The colors blue and green are dreamily combined for an almost surreal scenery. Many Finns are drawn to the elements of water because of its very significant factor in their livelihood. Some even drink it straight from its source.


For travelers in dire need of some kayaking and canoeing adventure, the well-loved place in Saimaa is located in Linnansaari National Park. The park features over 100 breathtaking islands and more than enough guest harbors. You will definitely enjoy the extensive range of canoe and kayak tours, ranging from easy to expert adventures. There is also a campsite for those who want to spend the night. And of course, never forget to try their relaxing sauna for a more soothing retreat.

Must-Try Outdoor Activities in Iceland


If you’re dying for almost surreal landscapes and extreme winter sports, then head on to Iceland. You’ll never be disappointed with the exciting outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, ice climbing, glacier hiking, and many more.

Iceland is not just your typical travel destination. It’s something you might even remember for ages. The scenery, the attractions, and the locals— these are all the splendid features that make this country worth to be part of your travel bucket list.

To fully enjoy your trip to Iceland, you should never miss some of their must-try outdoor sports.

Just remember to load up your energy because for sure you’ll be overwhelmed with the exhilarating winter adventures!

Glacier Hiking

Unto your hiking journey

Iceland is tagged as the ‘land of fire and ice’ because it is impeccably surrounded with glaciers and volcanoes. Glaciers comprise a very extensive amount in the total land area, making it a very significant aspect in the economy.

One of the best ways to experience the winter wonder in the country is to try glacier hiking. There are a lot of glaciers, but the most popular ones are Vatnajökull, Langjökull, Langjökull, and Sólheimajökull.

All of these glaciers are ideal for hiking because of its varying inclines and exciting slopes. It is advisable to book your tours in advance, and make sure to follow the guides at all times.

Ice Climbing

Climber climbing out of ice cave

The galactic icy landscapes will completely dwarf you towards your destination, but it will also make your ice climbing journey more magical. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, you will surely enjoy the action-packed experience while savoring the breathtaking landscapes and attractions all over the place. Don’t forget to bring some important ice climbing essentials such as ice ax, crampons, and the like.

You will also need a seasoned guide to help you with the trail and make your adventure as comfortable as it could be. As always, preparation is a must whenever you venture the unknown.

Volcanic Hiking

What a vibrant mixture of colors!

Because of its location, Iceland has a very high composition of volcanoes, with over a hundred active and inactive volcanic systems.

On your Icelandic experience, take a tour at some of the best volcanoes on town such as Eyjafjallajökull, Thrihnukagigur, Grimsvotn, Hekla, and many more. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have the chance to witness the surreal mixture of colors right in front of your eyes— blue, red, and green, in just one setting!

Eyjafjallajökull may not be the largest volcano in the country, but it is the most popular one after its significant eruption last 2010. The eruption was Iceland’s biggest volcanic activity up to date, and paved way for the formation of two new mountains— Magni and Móði. Thrihnukagigur, on the other hand, is the only volcano in the world where you can actually tour inside.

The volcano has been inactive for more than 4, 000 years, and is situated near a ski area, so it can be pretty cold inside. With an enormous magma chamber and series of tunnels, for sure it will be an exciting journey within this work of nature.

And for travelers wanting some extreme volcanic tours, you should visit the Hekla volcano or also called as ‘The Gateway to Hell’.


Light up your headlight

Because of the hundreds of volcanoes surrounding the country, incredible caves and cavern were formed. Cave adventure is definitely an off the beaten path by some travelers, but it’s actually a very interesting and worthy experience.

The fantastic works of nature are perfect for exploring, and you will be at awe with the marvelous hidden lava caves that shine brightly in the ray of your headlight.



Get ready for some snowmobiling expedition

Riding on a spectacular vehicle while exploring the amazing landscape of Iceland is a once in a lifetime experience. The snowmobile tours will not just take you to the breathtaking wilderness of the countryside, but will also pump up your adrenaline rush to the next level.

There are several snowmobile tours being offered in Iceland, so you will never have a hard time looking for the right selection. Well, all these tours have the same goal—to bring you to the most beautiful scenery on Earth through a very exhilarating ride.

Horse Riding

Wander around with these adorable horses

Just in case you do not know, horse riding is a very popular outdoor activity in Iceland. The fantastic unspoiled nature is the perfect setting to explore the country while riding your fine horses.

The smooth and sandy Icelandic terrain is a serious delight for the rider and his mount. It is best to go horse riding during summer, where you can actually enjoy a much milder climate. However, the mild climate is still very unpredictable, so you need to gear up with the proper attire and essentials.

Exciting Outdoor Pursuits in Denmark

Looking for a romantic trip

Denmark is clearly not a country loaded with towering mountains, nor a territory bordered with breathtaking coastlines. Despite its considerably plain natural circumstances, Denmark is still a sensational opportunity for an adventurous trip. The country offers exciting outdoor pursuits that will placate your quest for adrenaline rush, from amber hunting to mountain biking.

To prove that Denmark is something more than its Viking heritage, here are some of the country’s well-loved outdoor activities that will surely get you going.


Cycling on the busy streets of Denmark

In Denmark, cycling is a typical day to day activity, making it an ultimate destination for cyclers from different parts of the globe. The extensive and smooth cycling routes scattered all over the country will certainly make your trip more hyped up.

Well, cycling in Denmark is very easy as there are over 12, 000 km sign-posted paths to roam around. The accessibility of restaurants, shops, and other attractions is also a great way to make your cycling journey pretty convenient.

You don’t even have to be afraid while riding your bike on the busy roads because Danes certainly give utmost respect to cyclers. But just remember to always cycle on the right.

Mountain Biking

Glowing underground trip

Just like cycling, mountain biking is another notable outdoor activity in Denmark. This rather popular activity is a great way to traverse the country in a very stirring ride. And whether you’re going to the northern tip of Denmark or heading to the frantic city life in the central business district, you’ll definitely enjoy your land journey.

The most visited mountain biking areas are ideally located in the splendid Danish forests. These are some of the special marked paths in the country: Aabenraa Forests, Birdstrup Forest, Bordrup Plantation, Blåbjerg Klitplantage, Klosterheden, Rold Skov and Hare Woods. All these mountain biking routes are perfect to satisfy your cravings for some peaceful and calming expedition in the forest.

And even if you don’t have a mountain bike, don’t worry because there are seriously a lot of bike shops on town. Wander around and let loose within the wilderness.



Pump up the adventure on the mountains

For adrenaline maniacs out there, caving might just be one of the best outdoor activities for you. Denmark is loaded with abandoned mines and natural caves, perfect for some underground adventures.

Some of these intricate series of mines like Daugbjerg Limestone Mines, Mønsted Limestone Quarries, and Thingbæk Limestone Mines, are strategically located in Jutland.

There are also caves and caverns that feature extensive areas to explore and beautiful subterranean formations to witness. But just be ready with the eerie darkness, and of course the colonies of bats lurking around the corners.

And if you want a more pumped up underground experience, you should visit the island of Bornholm. The place is full of open caverns, also known as Ovens, which can be accessed by a boat.



As the capital and most popular city of Denmark, Copenhagen is an exciting place to treat your outdoor madness.

Copenhagen is an old harbor city, with beautiful structures and canals enclosing the area. The most traditional and ideal way to wander around and witness the ever vivid cityscape is to ride on a boat or a gondola.

There are super-fast vehicles perfect for an exhilarating ride, and you can even sail between two countries— Denmark and Sweden. And because of its limitless water boundaries, you can also try kayaking, fishing or cruising.

You don’t have to worry about where to go and what to do because there are seriously several water tours at your selection.

Amber and Fossil hunting

Amber hunting

If you have a thing about hunting, then you might be interested with the Nordic gold and gems engraved along Denmark’s coastline. You can enjoy swimming, while looking for some hidden treasures in the West Coast of Jutland or Kattegat coast. You just have to visit the place on the right weather, and it’s best to go hunting when it is windy.

One of the most popular gems to look for is amber. Amber is a treasured gem in the country, and these are typically used in some jewelry pieces and ornaments.

Looking for amber, however, can be very tricky because there are several color variations. You might think of it as some normal stones on the shore, but you are actually holding a precious gem. So, it’s best to know the characteristics of amber.

And if you are a traditionalist hunter, then go for some fossil hunting located in Fur Island, Møn and Stevn cliffs. These prehistoric artifacts are beautifully scattered around these areas. And finding these treasures are very easy to access, and you don’t need to bring any hunting equipment.

Exciting Activities to Do In Nordic Territories

Exciting Activities to Do in the Nordic Territories 300x144 - Exciting Activities to Do In Nordic Territories

Aside from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway, these territories also make up the entire Nordic region—Aland Islands, Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Svalbard.

Each of this territory has something to boast of, ranging from its picturesque landscapes to its exciting outdoor pursuits. And these attractions are never a disappointment! You will surely be amazed with the charming combination of action-packed and laid-back adventures in every place.

Let’s not keep you waiting as we give you some of the well-known activities in these Nordic territories that will definitely keep up with your adrenaline rush.


Hiking in Faroe Islands

Mesmerizing scenery on the tip of your fingers 300x200 - Exciting Activities to Do In Nordic Territories

The place, the view, and the natural wonders— all magical! Faroe Islands just proved that travelling is priceless, and you can definitely experience a one of a kind trip through hiking.

The best thing about wandering around this place is that you can actually walk anywhere, at your own pace, and still witness some breathtaking scenery. You’ll discover that once you get off the beaten path, you will be greeted with the almost surreal mountain peaks and azure waters.

Even a short hike will open up some breathtaking landscapes. You just have to take a few steps, and there you have it— the beauty of unspoiled nature. But just like every hiking session, you need to be careful at all times.

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the scenery, especially if the place is foggy because you might fall from the towering cliffs. And even if there are no wild animals roaming around, you might encounter some creatures like ram and sheep.

You should always be ready with your hiking essentials, and the most advisable time of the year to go hiking in the Faroe Islands is from August to September. During these months, there are few people hiking, so you’ll have a more calming retreat with nature.

Island Hopping in Aland

Go island hopping with your bike 300x200 - Exciting Activities to Do In Nordic Territories

There are over 6, 000 islands composing the entire region of Aland. Technically, this autonomous region is part of Finland. Out of the total number of islands, only a few percentage are inhabited, which makes the place ideal for those wanting a very soothing getaway.

The best way to visit the islands is to ride a bike. You will surely enjoy the land journey because there is hardly any traffic jam, and the roads are smooth and accessible, with bridges and ferries linking each island. And if you’re thinking about your biking skills, don’t worry as you will typically run across fine terrains and average hills.

The biking experience will give you the chance to visit numerous islands. Every island is different, but all are breathtaking. The best season to go biking or cycling is during summer, where the sun is out and the mist has retreated. Summer is a well-loved season because the weather in these islands could be unpredictable during other periods.

Mountaineering in Greenland

Hike at your own pace 300x199 - Exciting Activities to Do In Nordic Territories

Greenland is a popular choice for climbers all around the world because of the unique combination of terrains and slopes. The place is just beautiful on its own, especially if you wander around the mountains, and get lost with nature. There are a lot of mountaineering spots in the country, and all of these places are ideal for mountain adventurers.

One of the known place to go mountaineering is in Stauning Alp, which is situated in the North Greenland Park. Climbers will definitely enjoy the alpine peaks and lush surroundings. However, you need to secure a permit to visit the area. For those wanting extreme mountaineering adventure, you can try the Watkins Range.

This area features the highest mountain peaks in the country. You can also go climbing at Schweizerland Alps, which is perfectly located near the borders of the Greenland icecap. And for climbers who want to witness some fine rock formations, you should venture the Cape Farewell or the fjord of southern Greenland.

Your mountaineering expedition should be well prepared. Thus, don’t forget to bring with you all your climbing essentials for a more comfortable and convenient journey.


Dog Sledding in Svalbard

An icy journey with these companions 300x170 - Exciting Activities to Do In Nordic Territories

During winter, Svalbard is loaded with a lot of winter activities, and one of the most notable adventure is dog sledding. Experience a fantastic ride with your dog companions, as you witness the artic wilderness in the gleaming Northern lights.

Though it is very exciting to drive the dogs by yourself, it is advisable to hire a seasoned guide to lead your way through the wilderness. Aside from the overwhelming landscapes, you will also pass by some magnificent ice caves, and even get a chance to stay overnight in comfy cabins, together with the adorable dogs. This thrilling experience is definitely a great catch for all adventurers.

Breathtaking Mountains to Climb in Greenland

With over a thousand mountains in territory, no doubt Greenland is an ideal destination for mountain climbers. The country’s coastline is marvelously bordered with ruggedly breathtaking mountain ranges, valleys, and rock formations. And it’s not a question why Greenland can boast of its natural wonders because you can’t seriously find such splendor anywhere else in the world.

There are even unclimbed mountains in the place that continues to remain out of sight because of the heavy mile of ice covering the entire location. But when summer comes, and the sun is shining brightly, you will discover the absolute magnificent of the country. So, it’s time to get inspired, and take your mountaineering prowess to the next level.

Be delighted with the breathtaking mountains in Greenland, and climb until you reach the top. Well, you might be lucky enough to be the first ever person to set foot on some virgin summits scattered all over the country!

Gunnbjørn Fjeld

Frosty mountaineering path

With a towering 12,119 ft elevation, Gunnbjørn Fjeld is the highest peak, not just in Greenland, but in the entire Artic Circle. Gunnbjørn Fjeld is situated in the Watkins Mountains, which is also the home of other gigantic mountains in the region.

And because of its enormous size, this mountain is often called as the ‘8th continental peak’. Climbing to its peak could be pretty difficult, so you need to prepare thoroughly and bring some important equipment to make your mountaineering journey a success.

Mont Forel

A stunning peak to embark

Aside from its mountaineering pursuits, Mont Forel is also a popular choice for ski expeditions. Its high elevation of more than 11, 000 ft is definitely an exciting journey to embark. And of course, you will be rewarded with out of the world views, ranging from alpine meadows to pale terrains.

Considered as the highest peak in Schweizerland Alps, Mont Forel may be a tough journey. The best time to go climbing is between May to August, where the climate can be milder and manageable. But of course, you need to check the weather condition first before you venture the long and winding hike.


Dreamy combination of natural wonders

Ketil is one of the three mountains comprising the Tasermiut Fjord. Because of its impressive sheer granite wall on the western section, it is the most visited mountain among the others.

The blue waters of Tasermiut Fjord also creates a mesmerizing impact to the entire land journey.

However, its beauty comes with certain level of difficulty. It is even named as one of the most difficult rock climbing spots in the whole word because of its classic big walls.


Amazing rock formations

Climbing to the top of Ulamertorsuaq will certainly evoke a certain sense of freedom and calmness. It is also located near the splendid Tasermiut Fjord, and features unparalleled four elevated peaks. The highest peak at 1850 m is the well-loved choice by climbers wanting extreme mountaineering adventure.

Such peak highlights a tough perpendicular cliff and fine granite structure. And before you reach the top, you will be greeted with hiking trails filled with vivid Artic flowers and remarkable rock formations.


Long land journey ahead

Together with Ketil and Ulamertorsuaq, Nalumasortoq is one of the mountains perfectly erected in the borders of Tasermiut Fjord. Its vast size of 6,709 ft makes it the tallest among the three mountains.

The mountain has three pillars, but the western wall is the most popular spot for climbers because of its steep and challenging rock formations.

Hiking to its peak will make you realize the breathtaking nature standing before you, and whatever season you visit, you will always be loomed with a one of a kind adventure.


Icy mountains beautifully dispersed

Sermitsiaq or also called as the ‘Saddle Mountain’ is standing tall in the northeast portion of Nuuk, the country’s flourishing capital. The trip going to the mountain could be challenging, but the spectacular views easily compensate the tests endured along the way.

But be reminded that there are no endorsed guidelines about the hiking and climbing routes in the country, so you better plan carefully.

You should also take into consideration the climate of the area because there are certain places in Greenland that is strongly influenced by high and strong pressure because of its topography.


Living on the mountains why not

Located in western Greenland, Uummannaq Mountain is a renowned mountain because of its granite and gneiss composition. The mountain got its name ‘Uummannaq’ because of its two summits that charmingly formed into a heart.

And because of its isolated location and difficult paths, there has only been two confirmed ascents since its discovery. So if you want to be the third lucky mountaineer to set foot on its peak, then pack your bags and visit Greenland as soon as possible.

5 Useful Tips for Planning a Hiking Adventure in Norway

Norway is one of the best hiking destinations in the Nordic region, as it offers a unique adventure to savor as well as nature and wilderness to appreciate (for free!). Snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and breathtaking views over the fjords await the adventure seekers who brave the cold weather and difficult trails just to get to the perfect hiking spots in Norway.

For the perfect hiking trip, keep these tips in mind when planning your Norway adventure:

Visit during the warmest months.

The best months to go hiking in Norway is from May to September when temperatures are at their highest and it’s not snowing much. However, if you want to experience Northern Lights, winter is the best season to travel, particularly from November to February.

Wear the right clothing.

2 - 5 Useful Tips for Planning a Hiking Adventure in Norway

Even in summer, nights can get very cold in Norway. So bring the kind of clothes that will keep you warm when it’s chilly and dry when it’s raining. Bring hiking boots also because you’ll be crossing streams and go trekking across a rocky terrain.

Plan your routes.

As there are plenty of hiking routes in Norway, research and plan ahead the routes you want to take.

Bring more food than you need.

3 - 5 Useful Tips for Planning a Hiking Adventure in Norway

When you hike up the mountains, you need to stack up on energy to keep you going. So it pays to bring more food than you actually need, especially carbs and sugar.

Bring a tent.

You know the best part of traveling to Norway? You can go camping almost anywhere, and no one’s going to stop you from setting up a tent to a spot of your liking. That will save you on accommodation costs and will give you flexibility when it comes to taking hiking routes.

1 - 5 Useful Tips for Planning a Hiking Adventure in Norway

Hiking in Norway can be your best experience ever, so plan it well and prepare for everything that’s needed for your trip.


Cold Weather Essentials: How to Dress Up for a Comfortable and Enjoyable Nordic Outdoor Adventure in Winter

You know what can really spoil a supposedly fun Nordic hiking trip in winter? Not preparing enough and proper clothing and footwear—which can be really uncomfortable in the freezing cold.  Here’s a guide to packing the appropriate gear for your winter adventure in the Nordic region.

Using the layering system

The Scandinavian style of clothing consists of three layers: a base layer, a reinforcement layer, and an outer layer. It’s important to keep a balance when you’re using a layering system, meaning you’ll have to adjust to the level of your activity several times by taking off or wearing again your layers of clothes.

  • Outer layer – It’s usually a shell jacket that serves as your first layer of protection against snow, rain, and wind. This jacket must be packed in your bag for most of your trip. Using a jacket made of a breathable material such as polyester and cotton is ideal because it’s comfortable and windproof.
  • Reinforcement layer – While a lot of hikers wear a thick wool or fleece jacket as their second layer, it causes quick overheating when the body starts to move. Thus, this layer should provide just a little warmth to keep an even temperature.
  • Base layer – A wool thermal underwear, which is essentially a two-piece clothing with long sleeves and long legs, should be comfortable throughout your hiking trips.

Choosing your style

Your style is an equally important consideration as comfort because you have to look and feel good wearing your winter outfits during your Nordic outdoor activities. A style that makes you feel confident and reflects your distinct personality can be as conventional, modern, or trendy as you would like.

Have you packed all your outfits for your much-awaited Nordic outdoor adventure? What’s in your bag? Whatever that is, we hope that it will keep you comfy and protected in your entire trip.

What are the Best Outdoor Experiences in Sweden?

Going on a holiday vacation in Sweden soon? Before you pack your bags, go over your itinerary and make sure that your activities are well-planned and scheduled. A Nordic outdoor adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you’d better prepare for it months in advance.

If you’re clueless or still undecided on what to do in Sweden, here are some ideas to help you get started with mapping out your travel itinerary:



5 - What are the Best Outdoor Experiences in Sweden?

It’s a fun activity to do in Sweden because the water is pristine, and it’s free on the bigger lakes and along the coastline. You can go salmon fishing in the river flowing through the Torne Valley or near the Parliament building in the centre of Stockholm.


What makes Sweden an ideal hiking destination is its Right of Public Access, which allows visitors to walk anywhere across the whole country, as long as no damage is caused to forests and crops. Over 40 long-distance trails run across Sweden, with the most well-known route being the Kungsleden (the King’s Route) that attracts a lot of visitors every July.

Swimming in lakes and public pools

4 - What are the Best Outdoor Experiences in Sweden?

Sweden has hundreds of thousands of lakes, and it’s common practice for travelers there to strip off and enjoy skinny dipping in a lake. There are also public swimming pools that come with single-sex and nude saunas where wearing any swimming attire isn’t allowed.


Canoeing is a national pastime in Sweden, thanks to the country’s canals and rivers that run thousands of kilometres and 100,000 lakes. If that’s not your thing, you can opt for rafting instead down the Klarälven River in Värmland.

Winter activities

Skiing is an immensely popular sport in the country—after all, this activity began in Scandinavia. There are a lot of ski resorts to choose from, the most famous of which are Riksgränsen, Åre, Sälen, and Idre. Sweden also offers a lot of great spots for dog sledding, snowboarding, and ice fishing.

Any activity that sounds exciting to you? Let us know in the comments!